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The National Competitiveness Council is a mixed body of the Dominican Government, which depends organically and functionally on the Presidency of the Republic. It is the only autonomous entity that is chaired by the President of the Republic, according to Law No.1-06. Through Decree 389-17, the ministries of the Presidency, Finance, Administration of the Presidency, Economy, Planning and Development, Tourism, Agriculture, Industry, Commerce and SMEs are integrated into the full public sector. Director of the CEI-RD. For the private sector, the entrepreneurs Pedro Brache, Fernando Capellán, José Miguel González Cuadra, Manuel A. Grullón, Luis Molina Achécar, Frank Rainieri, Manuel E. Tavarez and Felipe Vicini, president of Grupo Inicia, as well as 28 other businessmen that make up the Consultive advice. As an Industrial Advisor to the Executive Branch and member of the Board, Ligia Bonetti was appointed. The executive director is Rafael Paz, who has extensive training in areas such as governance and public and business management, leadership and political communication. For six years he served as Executive Vice President of the National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP).


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